Products & Services

Mental Health Services


  • Individual Therapy (to include play therapy)       $400
  • Family Therapy                                                 $450
  • Couples Therapy                                               $425
  • AngerManagement                                            $150 per session


Professional Trainings/CEU Workshops 



Clinical Supervision Management/Leadership Seminar 12.0 CEUs
Social Work Licensure Exam Prep Course 9.5CEUs
Clinical Practice & the Business of Mental Health 6.5 CEUs
Treating Resistant Clients 6.5 CEUs
Understanding Ethics & HIV/AIDS 6.5 CEUs
Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development and its Relevance to Clinical Practice 5.5 CEUs
Effective Diagnosing & Treatment Planning 5.5 CEUs
Adolescent Depression 3.75 CEUs
Understanding Ethics 3.50 CEUs
Effective Case Management 3.0 CEUs
Enhancing Clinical Note Writing Workshop 3.0 CEUs

Refunds or credits are available if a training is cancelled or rescheuled. Please contact Tracy (Office Consultant) for details.